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Working together, to sustain

Earth's circular economy

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We have done projects all over the globe from a range of environmental services. Recent projects include reforestation in Mongolia to help them create efficient, sustainable and beneficial solutions to Mongolia’s economic growth. 


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We have clients all over the world. Our clients are as small as family-run organic farms in western Wisconsin and as large as governments such as Haiti, Mongolia and Japan. We want to help anybody find solutions for their important environmental issues. 



We are an agricultural and environmental consulting company started by Janet Hawkes. Janet Hawkes has over 30 years of experience in the fields of sustainable and responsible agricultural practices. She has earned an international reputation for her work in the field and is sought out to consult on projects in both her local community as well world-wide. Dr. Hawkes has taught at esteemed universities, run nature and conservation centers and served on the board of several non-profits with mission focused on agriculture and environmental protection and preservation. The name Tellus comes from the Latin word which means Earth. Our mission is to server the diverse environment to create a better future together. 



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